Home Remodeling Services

Finally! You’re ready to start calling home remodeling companies in Houston. Timing is right, you have the funds, excited to finally be getting the renovation of your dreams and you’re soooooo ready to start your project (like yesterday!) and then it hits you.

How do I actually start?

What if my remodel doesn’t look like the beautiful pictures I’ve collected from my online research?

Who do I call, a company, a handyman or a general contractor?

At this point, a sense of uneasiness and overwhelm is starting to occur.


The key to a successful home remodel is soooo simple, yet many homeowners ignore the 3 simple tips listed below.

3 Simple Tips For A Successful Home Remodel

1. We know it’s tempting, but Don’t pick the cheapest bid! Once the remodel starts, so does the nickel and diming and why they need more money. For example, your project is taken longer than expected, the materials cost more, blah blah blah.

Now you’re stuck!

You either pay the money to get your project finished, or fire the contractor and hire another one. Nevertheless, you’ll usually end up paying the same and in most cases, more than the bids you thought were higher.

2. Pick a company that listens/ understands how you’ll be using the space and your finished project expectations.

3. Hire a company or contractor experienced working with the latest designs, materials and techniques. Select a company or contractor with expertise in your design style. Custom work is not for a handyman.

Anyone can slap tile on the wall or floor. There’s a big difference between a master tile installer that levels every piece of tile installed vs a contractor or handyman that happens to lay tile too.

A remodel allows Houston homeowners to take a dated space and make it more modern.

Complete gut? New layout? Update?

Time for Remodeling can help you through the entire process.