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About us

Time for Remodeling has been fortunate to remodel, renovate and repair a lot of homes in Houston, TX in 19 years. While working on our customer’s homes, we asked for feedback on how to make the process less stressful.

The input from our customer’s created 3 basic principles that is still the company’s core today. And why we have several happy customers and a steady stream of referrals.

Time for Remodeling 3 Basic Principles Can Keep You From Having A Nightmare Remodel

Daily Communication

You have enough things on your plate, and hoping for your contractor to show up to work shouldn’t be one of them.

It’s not your responsibility to call several times and hope we answer.

It’s our responsibility to inform you the daily time of our arrival.

We Treat Your House Like It’s Our Own

Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here- We Clean up after ourselves!

Proper preparation before starting, keeps your house cleaner during the remodel.

Little things like, floor runners for traffic areas between work and exit doors.

Covering/masking items with plastic, creating wall barriers and drop cloths, help control dust.

Daily Project Updates

The key to a successful remodel that you’ll love and be proud to show to your loved ones, is daily communication.

Allows us to break down each step into bite site chunks of information (you don’t become overwhelmed!).

Daily updates allow us to explain the whats, the whys and the hows of each step in your project.

Questions, concerns or any unforeseen issues get resolved sooner than later.

Peace of mind knowing we are both on the same page prevents your project from becoming a nightmare.

Instead, you end up with a remodel you’re happy to show and refer your loved ones.

A win-win for both!

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