Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling company houston.
Kitchen remodel cypress, tx with granite countertops and porcelain tile.
Outdoor kitchen with grill and granite countertop, cypress tx.

Kitchen Remodeling in Houston is one of the most popular home improvement projects next to bathrooms. We don’t Nickel and Dime You!

Time for Remodeling has over 19 years remodeling kitchens. Are we the right company for you? Contact us today to discuss your project.

Top 3 Reasons People Remodel Their Houston Kitchen:

  1. Change the layout to enlarge or utilize wasted space or remove walls to create an open and inviting kitchen.
  2. Update the space with easy to clean countertops, floors, a larger sink and backsplashes that reflect their style.
  3. Make it functional with modern conveniences that are efficient and save time with today’s busy lifestyle.


How To Start A Kitchen Remodel?

Determine your budget- champagne taste on a beer budget is a recipe for disaster that can lead to stress, an unfinished project and a remodeling nightmare. Be realistic!

Sites like,, showcase photos of a complete kitchen remodel. You can browse by style ie. traditional, contemporary, modern, rustic, farmhouse and more.

4 Ways Online Remodeling Sites Save Time:

  • You’ll be able to visualize completed kitchen projects.
  • You’ll discover your design style.
  • You’ll have instant access to the latest kitchen ideas, trends and colors.
  • Fastest way to research material pricing.

After the above tasks are completed now you’re ready for kitchen estimates. Contractor referrals from family or friends are a good start or you can enter the following term in Google “kitchen remodeling near me” to get a list of companies.

Popular Houston Kitchen Trends for 2020

Kitchens are the showpiece of the home. They are the central area that connect families for daily practical living cooking, eating, watching TV, working, yet sexy and inviting when entertaining.

As a kitchen remodeler the popular trends vary by size, space and budget.

The average remodel time for small 12×12 kitchen- 14 Days

The average remodel time for a large, luxury, open kitchen- 30-45 Days

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13 Hot Kitchen Trends

Granite countertops is the most popular choice and Quartz is a close second.

Porcelain tile flooring is still the winner. Square tile sizes (bigger the better!) 18×18, 20×20 are still the most popular with wood like tile planks in 6×12, 12×24 2nd place and on the rise waterproof vinyl planks for low budgets.

Custom built cabinets in high end kitchens. Pre-assembled cabinets in white, espresso and cherry. Raised and shaker cabinets designs are the most popular.

Painting dated, stained old cabinets off white. It’s a smart move with a smaller budget to keep and update real wood cabinets in good condition vs spending thousands of dollars on particle board cabinets. You’ll get a modern look and can use the money to splurge in another area of the kitchen remodel.

Wine refrigerators under the counter or wine racks custom built or in a kitchen cabinet.

Backsplashes that make a statement- any mosaic pattern is hot, followed by subway tile, marble mosaic tile, glossy glass tiles and matte tiles.

Kitchen cabinets with pullout trash cans and shelves for pots and pans

Kitchen Remodel Projects

Kitchen remodel houston, custom built cabinets.
Kitchen remodel katy, tx with tile floor, quartz countertop and painting.
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