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Siding remodeling is not sexy! It’s the most dreaded remodeling project in Houston. Many homeowners prefer to spend their money on a bathroom, kitchen, room addition, flooring or painting remodel that allows them to see the pretty results.

Below are 5 common reasons homeowners replace their siding.

Siding remodels are addressed out of necessity! Usually when there’s a problem with mold, leaks, pests, dry rot or the HOA sends a letter.

Time for Remodeling provides the following siding remodeling service for installation and repairs:

  • Hardiplank Lap Siding and 4×8 Sheets
  • Wood Siding
  • Moisture Barrier House Wrap
  • Plywood Sheathing Installation
  • Batt, Roll, Wall Insulation
  • Fascia, Soffit and Trim, Rotten Wood Replacement

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Siding is boring! We get it!

We’ll make this as painless as possible, get to the point and tell you what you need to know to make a decision regarding your siding.

Why Hardiplank Siding Is Popular In Houston?

Fiber cement siding or lap siding is the most popular siding being installed in Houston. Designed to last 50 years with proper installation. It’s resistant to rot, flood, wind, fire and easy to maintain. Perfect for humid climates.

Types Of Hardiplank Siding

Lap Siding

Chart below shows common lap siding sizes. Siding is installed from bottom to top with each row overlapping the bottom row 1.25in (hence the name lap siding!)

Common Lap Siding Widths Exposed Siding After Installed
6.25 in 5 in
7.25 in 6 in
8.25 in 7 in

Panel Siding Sheets

There also 4×8 panel sheets that look like lap siding. Smart siding and hardiplank panels are commonly used on homes built in the 1980’s.

Wood Siding

Wood siding was used on older homes in the early 1900’s. Some homeowners prefer to preserve the exterior and do siding repair instead of upgrading to hardiplank.

Replacing only the rotten wood boards is an affordable solution that buys you more time before undertaking a complete house siding remodel.

Wood siding may last 10 years or more depending on how the exterior is maintained.

Regular pressure washing definitely helps preserve the paint and protect from dry rot.

Wood siding is higher maintenance, a breeding ground for pests, ants and termites. Humidity issues are common because moisture barriers or house wraps were not used on many older houses.

Don’t Make the Same Mistake As Other Homeowners…

3 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Siding Project

1. Should All The Siding Be Removed And Hardiplank Installed?

Yes if the budget allows. When old siding is removed, the insulation can be updated with a better, more efficient product.

Moisture barrier house wrap can be added to protect the interior walls 2×4’s to help prevent mold.

When budget is an issue, many homeowners will install siding in phases. Front side, left side, right side and rear of the house.

2. Is Plywood Sheathing Necessary Before Installing Siding?

Yes. Plywood sheating is a City of Houston building requirement with all new construction and room additions. It makes the framing stronger and more force resistance (hence hurricanes).

Not only does it increase insulation, but it also adds support when nailing the siding to the frame.

3. Hardiplank Vented Soffit, Fascia And Trim Worth The Money?

Yes. It’s made from a fiber cement material. Squirrels and raccoons have a tough time chewing through the material like wood. That alone will save you money from the damage pesky critters can cause by living in your attic. Therefore, the small investment to upgrade to hardiplank is a lot less than the cost of repairs.

In short, it’s definitely worth the money!

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